Why register for the Tuskys.com Account

  • Loyalty Points Viewer

Once you link your Tuskys Reward Card to your Tuskys.com Acconunt,you will be able to view your accumulated loyalty points.

  • Create A Wishlist

Like an item in our stores? Go online and create a Wishlist! Share the Wishlist with your friends and family. They can then buy the items for you!

  • Request a Quotation

Need 100 pieces? Need to buy in bulk? Use our online Request a Quotation tool. Add the items you would like and their details. Have the quotation emailed to Tuskys and we'll get back to you within 48 hours with pricing information.

  • Recommend Two (2) individuals for Internship Program

We are running an Internship Program for all the departments at Tuskys. We are giving Our Loyalty Cards owners the first priority to recommend a max of 2 individuals for the internship program.